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Shop Smart, Diversify your Looks

In these times, many of us need to watch how we spend those dollars and cents to ensure we get the best value for our money. So how is this done without the bog-standard sale on items you didn't want in the first place? Well, one way is to shop smart and opt for multi-functional and versatile items that you can wear in different ways and on many occasions to help you stretch those dollars.

Reversible whole piece swimsuits are a great way not only to get two swimsuits in one, but they can also be bodysuits worn with your favourite high-rise pants, baggy jeans, or even under a kimono or blazer, you name it, the looks are endless.

Crop tops are also on trend this summer. Many bikini tops, especially with a longer length or special features like flutter sleeves, pair exceptionally well with skirts and pants to take you from the beach to your favourite beach bar. Elevate all your looks even further by adding statement accessories. As an additional bonus, think of all the space you will save when packing for your next holiday. Discover the possibilities at Peeping Fish “Where Beach Meets Street”.

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